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Tablet 9.7 inch with Retina screen

Tablet 9.7 inch with Retina screen

399.00 BGN with VAT
369.00 BGN with VAT

IPS Tablet 7" NET GT7W Dual core HD with case and pen

IPS Tablet 7

106.00 BGN with VAT
69.00 BGN with VAT

7 inch tablet A4NET on promotion !

7 inch tablet A4NET on promotion !

79.00 BGN with VAT
49.00 BGN with VAT

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones at a reasonable price, fashionable and aesthetic design 

In mobile phones can be found with Android smartphones with the fastest processors and tehnichski characteristics matched with top brands smartphones. Smartphones that are keeping dvuyaderni, chetiriyadeni eight core processors and a screen of 4 ", 4.5", 5 "inches. Funktsiionalni also offer phones that resemble the popular Iphone, Nokia and phones with unique design and attractive features prices. phones, which offer you have a 2.3 or 4 SIM cards. In our models have internal and wifi, which you can easily afford to connect to the Internet, where there is such a network and surf without paying the high prices of mobile operators to the Internet via mobile phone. 
The models are made of high quality components, which are used in the original models and run reliably without interference and interruptions. The software is dedicated to smartphones and their capabilities in no way inferior to the original models, as well as their functionality and buttons are extremely lightweight and comfortable to use. 

The models we offer have business versions also special models with speakers for listening to music and touch screen.

Smartphone GT5025M octa core

Smartphone GT5025M octa core

384.00 BGN with VAT
320.00 BGN without VAT
340.00 BGN with VAT
283.33 BGN without VAT

Octa Core Smartphone GT5024H

Octa Core Smartphone GT5024H

454.00 BGN with VAT
378.33 BGN without VAT
364.00 BGN with VAT
303.33 BGN without VAT

Quad Core Smartphone GT5025

Quad Core Smartphone GT5025

260.00 BGN with VAT
216.67 BGN without VAT

Mobile phone Dual Core GT5020L

Mobile phone Dual Core GT5020L

226.00 BGN with VAT
188.33 BGN without VAT

Smartphone O'DEL 5.3 inch HD screen


290.00 BGN with VAT
241.67 BGN without VAT
186.00 BGN with VAT
155.00 BGN without VAT

3 sim Phone Q5BT

Mobilen phone 3 sim Phone Q5BT, MP3

69.00 BGN with VAT
57.50 BGN without VAT

Copy of smartphone HIphone 5

Copy of mobile phone Hiphone 5

347.00 BGN with VAT
289.17 BGN without VAT

429.00 BGN with VAT
357.50 BGN without VAT
390.00 BGN with VAT
325.00 BGN without VAT

tablet, mobile phone, gps
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