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7 inch tablet A4NET on promotion !

7 inch tablet A4NET on promotion !

79.00 BGN with VAT
49.00 BGN with VAT

Tablet 9.7 inch with Retina screen

Tablet 9.7 inch with Retina screen

399.00 BGN with VAT
369.00 BGN with VAT

IPS Tablet 7" NET GT7W Dual core HD with case and pen

IPS Tablet 7

106.00 BGN with VAT
69.00 BGN with VAT

iWatch Phone watches

How many times have you missed an important call or SMS, because you have not heard the phone or is not convenient to check your phone?
With our models smartwatch - iwatch you will not miss a thing.They are compact version of your smartphone.
 The models are very different functions and have SIM card slot and can be linked to your mobile phone via Bluetooth.
We also offer models with dual Bluetooth, ie 2 phones can be connected simultaneously to a single watch

  • Phone calls. Your hand is your mobile phone. iWatch revolutionized technology for portable phones.
  • Available models with a SIM card - the models are equipped with a microphone and speaker. 
  • Look who is calling you without removing your mobile phone - connection to a phone via Bluetooth.  
  • SMS & E-Mail Never miss important messages. Ability to send / receive texts directly from the touch screen of your iWatch. 
  • waterproof Take a shower, swim or wash the dishes. 
  • You can stay connected all the time.  
  • pedometer After each step, besides counting calories. You can control your health with iWatch.

Fintess smart bracelet GT5 S

Fitness bracelet GT5 S

65.00 BGN with VAT
54.17 BGN without VAT
30.00 BGN with VAT
25.00 BGN without VAT

iWatch GT208+

GT208+ iWatch

148.00 BGN with VAT
123.33 BGN without VAT
99.00 BGN with VAT
82.50 BGN without VAT

iWatch GT530

GT530 iWatch

148.00 BGN with VAT
123.33 BGN without VAT
99.00 BGN with VAT
82.50 BGN without VAT

Woman iWatch GT610

Woman GT610 iWatch

142.00 BGN with VAT
118.33 BGN without VAT
80.00 BGN with VAT
66.67 BGN without VAT

tablet, mobile phone, gps
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